Symbol of department Mathematics and Mechanics Department of Saratov State University

Major fields of research

  • Algebraic geometry,
  • Automata theory,
  • Differential equations,
  • Differential geometry and topology,
  • Discrete mathematics,
  • Dynamic systems and optimal control methods in economics,
  • Extremal problems of approximation theory,
  • Functional methods in probability theory,
  • General algebraic systems,
  • Interpolation theory,
  • Mathematical cybernetics,
  • Mathematical physics,
  • Nonlinear problems of airohydromechanics,
  • Number theory,
  • Operations research,
  • Optimal control theory,
  • Real and complex analysis,
  • Spectral theory of operators,
  • Structures of manifolds,
  • System analysis,
  • Technical diagnostics,
  • Theory of elasticity and viscoelasticity,
  • Theory of formal languages,
  • Theory of shells.


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