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chair of Mathematical Physics and Numerical Analysis


General information

The Chair was founded in March, 1959. Prof. N.P. Kuptsov was appointed the first Head of the Chair. Since 1991 the Head of the Chair is Prof. V.A. Yurko. At present time the Chair consists of 14 members, 13 of them hold scientific degrees.

The Chair provides the courses in Mathematical Physics, Differential Equations, Integral Equations, Functional Analysis, Mathematical Models in Natural Sciences, Numerical Analysis, Applied Mathematics.

The Chair offers the students specialization in Applied Mathematics. Students specializing in this area are taught to construct and study mathematical models of various processes in natural sciences, engineering and economics, to create numerical algorithms and to study the models with the use of computer technologies. The major areas of specialization include mathematical physics, mathematical modeling, inverse and ill-posed problems, and numerical methods. The Chair has an educational and research laboratory of numerical analysis equipped with modern computer facilities.

In its lifetime the Chair had prepared over two thousand students; among its graduates are national awards laureates, full and corresponding members of various academies, including the foreign ones, and also 2 rectors of Saratov State University.

Since 1959 the Chair has a post-graduate program, aimed at training future scientists. The Chair had prepared more than 60 candidates of physical and mathematical sciences (PhD); more than 10 of them subsequently received the second (Doctor's) degrees (N.P. Kuptsov, A.M. Bogomolov, S.I. Dudov, V.M. Guryanov, L.Yu. Kossovich, A.P. Terehin, A.P. Hromov, G.V. Hromova, N.I. Chernyh, V.I. Shevchenko, V.A. Yurko and others).

The Chair is doing research in the following major areas: spectral theory and mathematical physics, inverse and ill-posed problems, and numerical methods. The world famous school in spectral theory and inverse and ill-posed problems theory has been established. The research results had been published in several monographs and more than 700 articles. The Chair communicates regularly with the leading Russian and foreign research centers. In particular, the Chair's members took part in doing joint research with scientists from Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Austria, USA, Bulgaria, Hong-Kong, Turkey, Egypt, Taiwan, Qatar and other countries. In the last years the Chair's members had received more than 50 International and Russian grants, including grants from Volkswagen Foundation, INTAS, ISF, DAAD, DFG, Tubitak, ISAAC, Eurasia, RFBR, NSC and other funds. Students are actively involved in research. Among them there are holders of the awards of student's scientific contests and also the grants of the International Science Foundation and the UNESCO grants.

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