Symbol of department Mathematics and Mechanics Department of Saratov State University

History of Department

The history of the Department started in 1918 with the Chair of Higher Mathematics, which remained the only mathematics chair in the Saratov University until 1935. It was organised during the spring term of 1917/1918 to become a member of just opened Physics and Mathematics Department of the University (self department was founded June, 1, 1917). Making and developing of Chair of Higher Mathematics is related with the name of immense scientist and personality - Vladimir V. Golubev. He was the head of Chair of Higher Mathematics since the date of its establishing until 1930. And since 1920 he was the rector of Saratov State University. In the first years of existence of Chair of Higher Mathematics activity of outstanding mathematician Ivan I. Privalov played considerable role.

1920 The independent Chair of Mechanics was founded in 1920. It was headed by Professor Georgiy N. Sveshnikov.

1921 The first Mathematics and Mechanics graduates received their degrees. From among them Georgiy P. Boev entered the postgraduate study. Lately he became the first dean of Mathematics and Mechanics Department.

1922-1934 Chair of Higher Mathematics grew - increased the staff amount and scientific intension. New research activities appeared - mathematical statistics, integral equations and mathematical physics equations.

1935 The year of 1935 was exceptional for the mathematics in Saratov University: five new mathematical chairs were established, the Chair of Mathematical Analysis, the Chair of Theory of Functions, the Chair of Theory of Probability, the Chair of Geometry and the Chair of Algebra. Great scientists were invited to be heads of these departments: Petrovsky, Khinchin, Kurosh, Vagner.

1937 The Chair of the Theory of Elasticity (head - Prof. Lekhnitsky), and the Institute of Mathematics, Mechanics and Physics (head - Prof. Vagner) were opened at the University. Wind tunnel was constructed under the direction of Chudakov and Kutin.

1938 The laboratory of optical methods of intension investigations. Bruno K. Rizenkampf held important research of underground water filtering theory. September 1, 1945 - date of reorganization department to the Mechanics and Mathematics Department.

1957 An important event in the life of Faculty was the establishment of the Computer Centre in April 1957. It was the first computer centre not only in Saratov but also in the whole Volga region.

2000 Department of computer sciences and information technologies was separated out Mathematics and Mechanics Department.

2002 The Institute of Mathematics, Mechanics and Managerial Processes was established was established on the base of department.

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